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Cut May Set St oe

D.C. Schoo! Dulles Denies Charges Democrat to

A gainst


Back 3 Yrs.

Education Heads

Deplore Slash

In Construction

Requests by Half

By Jeanne Rogers Stat Reporter

Washington public school

construction has been shoved

at least three years’ behind the timetable of needs. /

This is the opinion of school word memorandum made pub, Argentine Dictator Juan Peron,

officials who have examined District budget office slashes in educators’ building fund re quests for the fiscal year start

ing July 1, 1957. The revised Calls It ‘Inefficient’

estimates released terday


were yes

_sehoo! oficiis ated se Stevenson Renews Plea

capital expenses They were allowed a proposed $7,641,450. Reason for the meat axe cut: The District must spread its sparse general funds among ali agencies. and the schools asked for a giant share That's what t fiscal experts said Deputy

al. :

School Superintend

ent Charles N. Zellers said the wasteful, inefficient and often Stevenson

schools merely asked for what they needed to catch up with past budget parsimony which had kept the school share of

the municipal public works pro- for his stand that drafting of lem of recruiting and training

gram two behind

schedule Set Beck 3 Years


“This cut would set us back the first formal campaign trip'the draft and

about three years, if approved by the Commissioners,” Zellers said. The school business ad

ministrator hes been a warm proach” to meeting the prob-| Stevenson also renewed his

proponent of Federal borrow

School Study Urged,

Health Requests Cut

Group asks Eisenhower aid in school crisis. Page B-1.

D. C. health funds cut $2.2 draft with the Maginot line on)posal along that line was only

million. Page B-1.

ing for school poses. He contends the public works pay-esyou-ge program is not the answer

Zellers said “it’s too slow to absorb the backlog of building neéds.” This backlog was caused primarily by the short age of materials during World War II and the unprecedented baby boom, now almost a dec ade old

Walter N. Tobriner, Board of Education member, potnted out

79th Year No. 300 ****® Phone RE. 7-1234 «me mm

Coprri¢ht 1954 shineten Post Companys


WTOP Radio (1500) TV (Ch. 9) “TWENTY CENTS

Secretary of State John Fos ter Dulles said yesterday rec ommendations

hower made in 1953 have “con- stituted the basis of our policy toward Latin America.”

But Dulles described as “com- pletely untrue” Adlai E. Stev- enson's charge this week that the President's brother had “as- sumed special, if- informal, re- sponsibility for our relationship with Argentina.”

“That responsibility has been borne by me and by my asso- clates in the Department of State.” Dulles said in a 1300-

lic by the White House. President Eisenhower told his

Ike’s Brother

By Ben F. Meyer Associated Press

Milton Elsen-

Ike Names

High Court


William Brennath Of N. J. Tribunal

Is First Catholic Since Murphy

news conference Thursday he had asked for the full report on) his brother's connections with) the State Department and said) then Milton Eisenhower had) never had a hand in making foreign policy. <- Stevenson, the Democratic) nominee for President, told a Miami (Fia.) ae oe ne fam l uesday night the Eisen- ~~ & pevennmant’e policy in President Eisenhower yes- Argentine was a —— terday chose William Joseph ample” of its activities eise- wheee in Latin America and in Brennan Jr. 50-year-old other areas of the world. New Jersey judge who is a Democrat and a Catholic,

Stevenson also accused the Ada.inistration of appeasing to fill an impending vacancy saying that United States Am-on the United States Su- See IKE, Page Alz, Cel. 5 preme Court

( Picture on Page B3.) By Louis Cassels

The White House announced that Brennan, now an Associ- ate Justice of the New Jersey

To End ‘Was

By Ed

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 29 # Adlai Stevenson said tonight that the military draft is “a

unfair’ armed chided

way of maintaining forces strength and President Eisenhower

men cannot be ended in the immediate future. In his last major speech on

be has undertaken, Stevenson also called for a “new ap lem of the hydrogen bomb. He said he was “distressed” that Mr. Eisenhower has re- jected his suggestions on both the draft and the H-bomb prob- lems. Stevenson compared the which France depended in World War Ii—and which|

building pur-crumpled under the German


“We must not let Selective Service become our Maginot Line,” Stevenson declared in an address prepared for Min- neapolis “Bean Feed” follow- ing a day of motorcade speeches in th Minneapolis-St.) Paul area.

In one talk, Stevenson re- peated an attack he made last night on the Eisenhower Ad- ministration’s policy toward

State Supreme Court, would be appointed to the Nation's high- est tribunal on Oct. 15 to suc- ceed Justice Sherman Minton who is retiring because of fail- ling health. | The appointment will leave the court with six Democrats and three Republicans. Brennan told newsmen after a visit with Mr. Eisenhower yes- “What [I am suggesting,” terday that he had no inkling said, “is that wehe was under Papng em > mn. until he received a telep «wey se Pre cigrtn ne eall fromm Attorney General revolution and the whole prob-| _

Brennan Is Regarded military manpower. We may 4, Moderate Liberal

very well find that in the not

distant future we can abolish The new Associate Justice designate is generally re-

at the same time garded as a moderate liberal

have a stronger defense and at with a record on the fa

| r costs.’ | Jersey high tribunal of de-

fending civil rights, Page B3.

" th D Herbert Brownell Jr. Friday wees ONS ° SNSSs Ste night summoning him to Wash- Mominee’s proposal that the ington. United States take the lead in’ He will be the first peg halting future H-bomb tests./Of the Catholic faith on the high bench since the death Mr. Eisenhower told a recent in 1949 of the late Associate news conference that & Pro justice Frank Murvk”. He will serve un? a recess “g theatrical gesture.” ayy b., pre | ; when the President w ‘aL Stevenson seid he was a formal nomination to the shocked” that Mr. Eisenhower conato a distin-

See ADLAI, Page Al2, Col. 1 Brennan has hi : although

_ care sy. Car Crash Hurts largely unknown to the Ne*‘on 6 Young Persons

teful’ Draft


getting the needed manpower into the armed services.

oe ——

controversy with Mr. Eisen-

at large. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he practiced ‘aw in Newark from 1931 to .349 when he became a State + a , . He moved u Six young men were injure on ge Appellate two critically, last night when court Division in 1950 and to the car in which they were rid- the State Supreme Court in ing failed to make a curve and 1952.

4 rior


France, Germany Agree On Saar’s Return, Hail Step to European Unity

Adenauer, Mollet To Sign Historic Pact Giving Basin To Bonn on Jan. 1

By Brack Curry

BONN, Germany, Sept. 29 (?)— Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and Premier Guy Mollett of France tonight concluded a historic agree- ment to return the Saar to Germany. They hailed the accord as the first step to- ward a European union.

“Germany and France are now prepared to walk hand-in- hand fn working for European integration,” the German Chan- cellor told 300 newsmen at the end of 12 hours of hard bargain- ing. Mollet declared that “with the Saar problem behind us, we can go ahead faster with European integration.” Next Jdn. 1 was set as the target date for the transfer of the industrial basin of O91 square miles, taken by France as war booty in 10945. Adenauer said the negotia-

had “served to reinforce

ithe idea that it is now impos- sible even to think of a war be- tween European nations.” The two leaders agreed to jeoordinate their Government's ipolicies on a common European market and a joint pool of atomic-energy development as we of a European federa-


Mollet said the Suez Canal crisis made plain that a com- mon atomic pool tn Europe is “g sheer necessity.”

They also called for the “se tive participation” Britain in the building of a junited Europe. In pursuit of this, they announced they would strive te pump new life into such organizations as the European Council, the Organi- ization for European Economie Cooperation and the seven-na- tion West European Union (WEUV).

The Saar agreement erases the last dispute between the World War I! enemies.

The transfer will be in two \stages. First, the area will be

Br Tom Kelley. @teff Photoersoher

It’s Dahlia-Time Today

Jan Shapire gets a close-up look at some nw., and will continue today. Admission is of the blooms grown for display at the 21st free. Jan, 18, is the daughter of Samuel annual show of the National Capital Dahlia Shapiro, 301 N. Jackson st., Arlington, show Society, which opened yesterday at the Bo- chairman. (See stories on Dahila and Rese tanie Garden, Maryland ave. and ist st. Shows on Page A3.)


Mr. Eisenhower's


politically united with the Ger-

Paychecks to Shrink man fatherland. three

Then, for the next years, France will have dimin- ishing rights in the area rich in coal needed for France's economy. Thereafter, the Saar’s ‘economy will be fully inte igrated with West Germany's.

Adenauer and Mollet agreed iin Luxembourg June 14 that

; > - e Saar shou p Fe Fy 0 A, Nicaragua, Sept. , Germany. But the drafting

ISomoza Dies; Eldest Son Takes Over

Integration Question

Subcommittee staff and members from time to time during eight days of hearings have implied that school of.

See BUILD, Page Al®, Col. 7

Stock Market


Russia, Japan Set To Resume Ties

MOSCOW, Sept. 29 ‘7»—The Soviet Union and Japan today formally agreed on a formula ending an ll-year state of war. .

Shunichi Matsumota, special Japanese envoy, called at the Foreign Ministry for an ex change of letters formalizing the verbal agreement reached yesterday to reestablish diplo- matic relations prior to at- tempting to negotiate Soviet- Japanese territorial differences

Premier Ichiro Hatoyama wil! sign the final agreement with Soviet Premier Nikolai Bul- ganin [In Tokyo, Japane: \Foreign Minister Mamoru \Shigemitsu announced after a \special Cabinet meeting that ‘'Hatoyama would go to Moscow

Oct. 10, Reuters reported.) i

Rain in Australia |

Harold 8B. Dorsey, Wall Street analyst, reviews the decline of the past seven ‘weeks in the steck market and points out that prices are still 100 per cent higher than three years ago. Page D-18.

that “we need new school keeping living costs down and crashed into a tree at 10th and ' buildings desperately.” Inde- denied a charge by Secretary Pennsylvania ave. se. snes See Sens pendent of racial integration. Of Labor James P. Mitchell In critical condition at Cas- Associate Justice Joun Mar-| . ' » ehoo! UOn” and “false and irrespon- : D C j Vi tl } ld <4 soe cunt - Ba. a sible statements.” ° Mask, 24 listed at 922 I st. se., One clue to Brennan's selec- . > ax l l Lo ing city and more children t be Stevenson said his conten-2%¢ Thomas Hicks, 24, no ad tion was provided by White , Ml ted” » tion that living costs have 4ress listed. Both suffered House news secretary James . School fReere and teachers "e2ched an alltime high is head injuries . C. Hagerty. He said Chief S- ‘* y - y 4 _ Fi gee we based on the Administration's A!s0 at Casualty was Charles justice Arthur T. Vanderbilt alah ieetien ot an pape Compton, 18, listed at 703 G of the New Jersey Supreme’ ae » 7 Mitchell “has tried to confuse id ho work D dents who k the city’s overcrowded and the voters” by challenging the Teported in fair condition. e+ of recommendations.” District residents who work/non-District residents who wor | | often antiquated plant before figures Stevenson gave in an Donald Smallwood, 16, listed at Judge Vanderbilt is one of in the District will find their|here oe ss ee of a treaty involved months the current House District address last night 2713 Minnesota ave. s€., WaS the Nation’s most respected paychecks smaller beginning The basic individual exemp- ~ anama of hard bargaining. ees eee hearings on the PP wn a to preen —— and ag age: C jurists and undoubtedly would this week as the city’s new tion was lowered substantially CORES: FANG. HORSE: Cay 68 Fa pet me mn the Trewh P 7 ony Bay B. Ng ee Foy Fhe 3 et aoa ty have been a leading prospect|withholding tax goes into from $4000 to $1000 for single SUnshot wounds fired by any i tie leoal tender becoming an obsolete way” of ; ( lina for the vacancy himself were) ogect. persons and to $2000 for mar- #5s@ssin, and his two United): i. area and the francs _. Se., and Richard Wable, 17, 312 ' 37th pl. se. They were not re- . naan re already have geared lies. to continue his 20-year rule. (man mark. The French in- ported in serious condition Brennan will be the young- their accounting offices and Under the District tax law, are was oes ae spe- oa = —— a ey 84 est member of the Court by alnotified their employes to be the $2000 marital exemption °'# S¢ssion to name Somozas ° sked for 73 to 1 margin of seven years be divided f 34-year-old son, Luis, President mans asked for to 1. , |prepared for this changeover ™4y | vided On separate re- +, ail the unexpired term that! The communique said they ; x of revenue collection. turns in any manner the tax-\ends next May. Luis, as presi-\reached a “satisfactory solu- Follows A-Blast | Indiana Guard ,The new hystem, a by-product POY ise advantage of married been ‘named’ Acting Presidert| They slso agreed to convert | yr Se ° So couples to pay District income by Congress. ‘the Moselle River into an in- Jets Grounded dividual tax exemption, will taxes separately when both) To Col. Anastasio Jr., 32-\ternational canal. This has SYDNEY, Australia, Sept probably put an additional have incomes. A joint return yearold son, went the task of long been a French dream. 29—Unexpected heavy rain is INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 29\¢199.900 into city coffers as the "gmt get . into 4 maintaining his brother in| It will provide French steel- (INS)—All 28 Indiana Air Na-| oi of discovery of delin- higher tax bracket On COM power. He is commander of the'makers with cheap barge land in the path of the atom joo, vent taxpayers. emptions. | grounded because of ai pay } army. from the German Ruhr and on cloud from Britain's latest dangerous condition found in} The tax law, passed by Con- eee an fom or oem Sixty-year-old President So-| finished products for export atomic test. the engine. Col. William Sef-igress last March, puts the pay- claiming the $2000 exemption |™°24 died at the United States’ to Germany and the world Steady rain began last night ton, commander of the 122dling and collection of taxes would start out with four ex-@0's@s Hospital in the Panama market. German industrialists in parts of Queensland that fighter interceptor wing of the} uarely on the shoulders of emptions. ‘See SOMOZA, Page A&, Col. 1 had apposed the plan, had been without rain for Air Guard, said he could not/** They “have these|—

own figures. And he declared J st. se., severe head lacerations, Court gave Brennan “the high- son first said the draft “is fast ed at 1407 South Carolina ave : . he not already nearing retire- Some 25,000 Washington em- ried persons and heads of fami- States educated sons prepared must be converted to the Ger- The new system, a by-product pen chooses. Thus, it might dent of Congress, had already tion.”, | hi , o . . falling over northern Queens tional Guard Sabrejets have bined taxable income after e€x- ation) Guard, Nicaragua’s|transport on coal and coke eight months. It continued elaborate because of security |¢™Plovers. evi

ithree methods of determining

and technical reasons : .. thow much shall be withheld Sefton said the condition}; —— employes’ wages:

“could cause complete engine| _ failure in flight.” i. By withholding 2.25 pe

of an employe’s wages after subtracting credit for exemp- tions. 2. Using a table that shows ‘the tax to be withheld. The ltables are computed for week- ily, bi-weekly, semi -monthly, monthly and daily pay periods 3. By withholding on the ba sis of a fixed percentage of the Reuters amount withheld for Federal) RELGRADE, Sept. 20—Pres whine pee chp de cemgle ident Tito and Soviet leader

Z >


this morning in heavier falls

Since the atom obiast afl Maralinga, South Australia, on Thursday, the fallout-laden cloud has drifted northeast across the Australian conti nent Nearly every town in its path has had sudden rain i falls.

‘It’s All Normal,’ Press Aide Says

Tito and Khrushchey Discussing Rift

Over Doctrine, Belgrade Discloses

(Related Story on Page A-10)

Pa.” .~ .% . ~

| as Index, Page 2


The Day in Sports

ference here by Government relations which are considered press chief Branko and which always exist It was the first public com- among states and parties which ment on the visit and on the make mutual efforts to settle continuation of the talks by them.” ) Nikita Khrushchev have run Tito in the Soviet Jnion. Hith-' Draskovie said he believed meanine payroll accounting sys- into “differences in views” erto both men have been offi- a reported circular letter from The law contains three legal during their current private cially stated to have traveled the Soviet party to Eastern

Dodgers Win 2, Clinch Tie as Braves’ Lose; Maryland, Navy, GW Vietors (scree at Si Meena latte we a

hai ; . . open questions and differences content and the Yugoslav Com- : es Milwaukee Braves lost a the Braves came as the climax too, in college football. W ake persons in transient Washing: He said that the Soviet-in views, as there also exists) munist Party had not been sent 21 i2-inning game to the St.of a tense pitching duel Forest gave Maryland a scare|ton. E here| Yugoslav problems “concern,|a wide area of agreement about'g copy.

Louis Cardinals last night, between the Braves’ Warren before bowing to the Terra-| All ager eters teenl I think, questions of af ideol- a series of questions of inter-| The circular, according re. thereby assuring the Brooklyn Spahn and the Cardinals’ Her- pins, 60; Navy swamped Wil-| those w Mowry

idence here~are subject to ogical nature.” national, political and mutual ports from abroad, warned Dodgers at least a tie in the man Wehmeler. The winning tiam & Mary, 39-14;-George ee ; | Unofficial reports here dur- relations. \Eastern European parties not hectic National League pennan

aay the tax. Persons who maintain }.7 Tito’s talks with the So-|“But that is all normal, as to model themselves on the Yu- t run came across on doubles by Washington defeated Furmanian “abode” here —a ‘viet Communist Party chief it is normal to make certain goslavé, Who were allegedly not Face. Stap..Musial and Rip Repulski.160° Duke rolled past Vir-iwhether they py it all year <sid a dispute had broken out efforts to discuss these ques- true Communists like the Rus- The Dodgers earlier won a ,,5#! Maglie, fresh from his no gihia,- 40-7, Oklahoma crushed!op not—ecome' the pay*8*\over the course Eastern Euro- tions in an open and direct doybleheader from the Pitts oe 4 yoo aw ag heey ae = © ry system. And persons pean nations should adopt in manner.” | Asked if Yugoslavia would , . burgh Pirates, 62 and 31, to the opener, and Clem Labine, and’ Michigan defected UCLA’ (nee aoe In town, hangithe development of commu-| Draskovie did not disclose be willing to yield ground in

move a full game in front of, relief pitcher unaccustomed ; ° nism. : \what topics Tito and Kbrush- view of the importance of the the Braves. Each teain hes etets a starting vole wen the ao in the top games of the’ ‘The tax will not be withheld) The amy . views be-chev were discussing, beyond issues Dras

under discussion, game to play. ) nightcap for the Dodgers. a hrushchev describing them as questions kovie said Yugoslavia was not The Cardinals’ victory over ge ey yesterday, (Details in sports section) jim Maryland or Virginia or were disclosed at s press con- of “interstate and interparty!accustomed to yielding. Py. 4

a k "



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§ le oc Th






Sunday, September 30, 1956



At Hagerstown

By Richard L. Lyons Stef Reporter

HAGERSTOWN, Md., Sept. 29 Vice President Richard Nixon came here today to sin

praises of the Eisenhower Ad- ministration and Republicans hereabouts needing votes.

It turned into a mutual ad. miration symphony

Rep. Dewitt S. Hyde said Republicans had restored the “melody” of constitutional gov- ernment and that the people won't go back to the “unhar- monious rock ‘n roll racket of the New Deal.” He introduced Nixon as a man who played a major part in “composing the nrusic.”

Nixon came back with hts gag that he used to play the piano before he got into polli- ties.

4500 Hear Nixon

The Vice President spoke to a crowd estimated by police at 4500 which gathered in the city square on a raw morning to hear Nixon urge reelection of Sen. John Marshall Butler and Hyde, and make his peace, pro- gress and prosperity bid for Ei- senhower votes.

He based his. bid on the theme that the business of picking a President is bigger than any party. and that Democrats and independents should join in reelecting Presi- dent Eisenhower as the man best qualified to keep the peace.

This is necessary in Mary- land where registered Demo- rats outnumber Republicans The GOP has made it work in recent years because of the split in the State Democratic organization

Top Maryland Republicans were predicting privately here that President Eisenhower wil! carry the state, but by consider ably less than his 104,000 edge in 1952. Maryland has voted

-_— -—

for the winning national ticket! a since 1896—except

Nixon's usually perfect eye and timing failed him for a mo- ment during his prosperity talk here. He had got to the point on the importance of a sound dollar and raised his arm to point to a bank as the only place you might think would! be interested in such a thing. | (His next sentence is, that’s not’ s0: the value of the dollar pro- foundly affect us all.)

Loan Shop for Bank He couldn't find a bank any-

where in sight, and after look-'

ing wildly for a couple of sec- onds settied for a loan = on the corner

Nixon told a press confer-| ence earlier he thought farm- ers would decide how

tion Day and that market prices at that time will be « key factor in their decision. But he added he thought the farmers overall income— which is expected to rise year—would be a more portant factor than unit ket price.

Nixon added here that if prices of pork—which will be) flooding the market next month—fall the Government would buy pork products to keep prices up

to vote’ in the two weeks before Elec.’

Vice President and Mrs. Nixon talk te (from left) Republican State Central Com- mitteeman D. Eldred Rinehart, Gev. Theo-

Associated Press

dore RK. McKeldin, Sen. John M. Butler and Rep. DeWitt S. Hyde during « breakfast in Hagerstown yesterday.

Nixon Says Adlai Offers "Pie in Sky to Old Folks

* Sell Reporter And the “cruelest” of all, he was learned today.

| ST. PETERSBURG. Fia.,, off he believed Sept. 28—Vice President Rich-|said. are the promises held out

ard M. Nixon “we Adlai, Stevenson tonight of offering “pie in the sky” to older citi-


to senior citizens. He presum-

ably referred te Stevenson's

“Funds are available to fee zens and offered instead an am- promise to work for pen- that pork prices will not fall|bitious Republican program in sions equal to a person's on

before November.” he said. “The policy of this Adminis- tration is not to allow any

its place. At a Tampa press confer- ence before driving 25 miles

the-job pay. If the Democratic campaign

part of the economy to suffer to St. Petersburg, Nixon also preview is an indication, Nixon J

because of a peak problem.”

assured farmers the Adminis. said, “A Stevenson administra. ———

Nixon drove 22 miles to Mar. tration will do all it can to tion would set a world’s rec tinsburg, W. Va., where he had keep farm prices up during ord for irresponsibility.”

left hig plane last ni spoke to a crowd in ¢t square before fiying off to St Petersburg, Fia., for a one-day rest.

gn and

Ike Defines

Challenge :

Ot Newspaper Week

Associated Press

President Eisenhower said yesterday that “when Ameri- cans know the truth, they are strong and free to act for the best interests of the Nation and world.”

“This is the challenge of Na- tional Newspaper Week,” he added in a statement marking

continue to speak fearlessly on issues. they consider to be of local and national importance.

“When Americans know the truth, they are strong and free to act for the best interest of the Nation and the world. This

the heavy marketing season,

paign season Several thousand persons greeted Nixon along the road. Residents said it was the big- gest such turnout they could remember. Nixon spoke to more than ae persons at Al Lang Field ere the New York Yankees

bees spring training. He spoke)

from a platform erected mid- way between the pitching H mound and the batter's box.

Halfway through this tele- vised speech, a light rain started to fall. Nixon was a sOggy speaker at the end, but he didn't miss a beat.

Nixon told an outdoor crowd in this old folks paradise that Stevenson has been roaming the country “with a Santa Claus bag full of bright but °

the observance from Oct. 1 to # i# the challenge of National empty promies.”

The text of the statement follows:

“To the newspapers of the Nation:

“Our Nation is based upon an informed and concerned citizenry. When our people know the facts, the decisions they make are for the good of the country.

“The 10,000 newspapers of America, consequently, have a great responsibility. As one of the oldest and most important

Newspaper Week.

Md. Gets $51 Million In U. S. Road Funds

total of $5.678.708 in Federal aid highway funds will be made)


available to Maryland's coun- ties and municipalities during the fiscal year beginning next

The Eisenhower Administra-

¢ town which coincides with the cam- tion has kept ite “sober sensi.-

ible” pledges, said Nixon. Most important to older citizens, he said, it has checked inflation so that a dollar saved today is worth a dollar on retirement. Under Democrats, value of the dollar dropped 40 per cent in ga ending in 1962, he sai “But we are not content to ay on our oars.” said Nixon. ¢ pledged Republicans would wor

® A stable dollar.

® More and better jobs for workers above the age of 45 “through a program of fe. search and action.”

® Better housing for older


*All-out efforts te improve health of older persons ‘through research and - vision of health services.’

BALTIMORE, Sept. 20 n—A|

Senate Probers to Quiz Illinois Scandal Figures

United Press

The three men convicted in testimony

the million-dollar check scan- dal in Illinois will be brought

Marcus figured as the dominant member of the board of directors of the South-

means of communication, our July 1, the State Roads Com- from their prison cells to tes- moor Bank. Beutel was an exec- newspapers must present the mission announced today. The tify before the Senate Banking/utive in the First: State Bank facts honestly and in the proper|funds are allotted on a 50-50 Committee in Chicago Oct. 8, of Elmwood Park.

perspective, as their editors

matching basis.

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uv J a

ito make

‘would be a

\Chairman J. W. Fulbright an- | nounced yesterday.

Deposed State Auditor Or- ville E. Hodge, who drew a 15-

Russell, according to the Committee’s testimony, quit a $10,040-a-year job as an FDIC!) attorney to take a $15,000-a-

year sentence, will be among year job as vice president of

the first witnesses.

Fulbright said he had asked Illinois Gov. William Stratton Hodge, Hintz, and Edward A. Epping available. All three are serv-

‘ing sentences for their parts ‘in the gigantic theft which in-

volved false state warrants. Hintz was an executive of

the Southmoor Bank where

Hodge had the faise warrants

‘cashed. Epping, a Hodge as-

sistant, actually exchanged the

‘warrants for cash.

Fulbright also said former epublican Gov. Dwight Green likely witness. Green spearheaded the reor- ganization of a suburban Chi- cago bank in which Hodge later was found to have ac- quired a secret interest.

The Banking Committee be gan its investigation of the state scandal this week because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. insures the deposits of both state and national banks.

The committee heard testi-

and Fulbright was critical of that agency's activities. He said the Illinois scandal might not have developed had the FDIC been more careful.

Fulbright said the phase of the inquiry had been helpful, ons unanswered.

“During the course of the.

FDIC testimony numerous per-|

sons were mentioned who should be questioned directly.

“Among these would be Leon Marcus, Hodge, Hintz, Ralph K. Schlitz,

and many others.” In the Committee's previous

—For 78 Years— Berlitz Has Never Failed





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